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Understanding Her Body Language Codes

When a woman is to keep arms folded across his chest, the gesture can be interpreted in several ways. For women, crossing his arms may seem that some people are vulnerable and feel the need to protect themselves. In addition, women are using this position to attract attention to their breasts, in this situation of crossing arms can get a sexual meaning.

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When a woman feels a sense of discomfort in the presence of a person of the opposite sex tends to eliminate some of it's presence, perhaps with steps of babies but it is certainly remarkable. Crossing your legs can also be interpreted as flirting, body language testing. As a gesture that betrays nervousness or a desire to cause it. Most people cross their legs in an unconscious gesture, when they feel some nervousness.

Women often play with their own hair and this is also a sign of nervousness. If your capture making this gesture, you can be sure that you have had any effect on her. When the presence of a man a woman excited beyond measure, which will start to feel your mouth getting dry. Well, if she has started wetting and biting her lips in his presence is a clear sign that you care about. Is a clear sign, a gesture whose meaning can not be hid. It is a clear sign of flirting, body language "talking".

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