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Flirting with body language

When you're talking about guys, it's very easy to see that they are flirting with you. When you've known a guy for a while and you have a friendly relationship with him you will notice certain things he does that he wouldn't usually. He will be flirting with body language. He will start to do things like put his hand on the small of your back when guiding you somewhere. That is a definite indicator. He will start to make more body contact in day to day life. Like holding your arm to get your attention when he wants to talk with you. Some guys do that regardless, but the way you tell that he is flirting with you is that he won't let go of your arm until he is done talking to you. But, guys are usually pretty straight forward and you will know that he is flirting with you when he is.

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Another sure-fire indicator is that he will go out of his way to do things for you that you know he wouldn't do for, say, a friend of his. This could be as simple as going down the hall to get you some coffee. Whereas if Jim had asked him he would have quickly replied with: Get it yourself!

The more complicated and often confusing test is to try tell if a girl is flirting with you. The body language sometimes shouts out loud, and sometimes it is elegant as a whisper.

Girls seem to be very skilled at looking at you without you noticing and looking away just in time for you to be very confused as to whether or not she actually was looking at you. But when she wants you to know that she is flirting with you, she will use flirting body language. Often a girl will put a little more swing-of-the-hip into her walk when she's walking in front of you to catch your attention.

Standing in the most innocent pose (that could confuse the Devil himself) is one of the very subtle and confusing signs she will show, along with thoughtlessly curling her hair, putting her finger on her lips, etc. I guess the thing that makes a guy confused as to whether or not she is actually flirting with him is wondering whether or not she is always like that, or if she is just putting on a display with flirting body language. Well, the easiest way to answer that question is WATCH her. Does she do that for other guys too? If not, you're in, man! You're in.

A friend once told me about a saying that he heard in Hollywood that went something like this: Modesty: The subtle art of enhancing your charm by pretending not to notice it.

Happy flirting.

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