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On Monday, I had the opportunity to go to the elementary school here in...

On Monday, I had the opportunity to go to the elementary school here in Aschen and present a little about America.

Fred and I got to the school a little after 9, and went straight to the first grade class.

Once in the classroom, Fred and I we're introduced to the class by the teacher. The class then said in English, "Good morning Julia and Friederike!" How adorable is that?! Next, we walked around the classroom singing, "Hello, good morning my dear friends. Hello, good morning let's shake hands." At that point in the song, we stopped and turned to the person closest to us and said, "My name is _____." I think it is so cool how these children are being exposed to this much English at such a young age. After that, we sat in a circle and talked about America. The teacher asked me to speak some English for them, so I talked about my family. The class was then asked if they understood anything, and they did!

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After about 30 minutes with the first grade class, they had a break outside, so Fred and I went with. Their playground equipment is so simple compared to what I'm used to seeing back home, but I think that is really good. Because of this, the children are forced to play more with nature and really use their imaginations.

Once back inside, Fred and I went to the second grade class. In this class, I started by playing the National Anthem and showing the flag. I also brought some American money to show them. Fred and I then gave a presentation of pictures. We showed where I live, my family, house, school, traditions, sports, and food. When I say "we", I mean that I talked about each picture, and then Fred translated. It is funny for me to see their reactions to everything, because it is so normal and uninteresting to me. I guess that's how a lot of German people feel about reading my blog and seeing what I have to say about everything here. After the presentation, the children asked me questions. Here are some of my favorites:

"Are there sharks in America?"

"Are there spas in America?"

"Are there knights in America?"

"Is Obama building nuclear weapons?"

So funny!

After the questions, the students showed us a song that they have been working. In English!

After the second grade class, we skipped over to the fourth grade class. We gave the exact same presentation in this class too; however, the teacher asked if Fred wouldn't translate this time. I am so amazed with how much these children can understand. Since this class only had 7 students, I brought some lemonade for them to sample. They all really liked it! This class ended with a little "Head, shoulders, knees, and toes." I even brought out my inner child and joined in. 🙂

Finally, we presented one more time to the third grade class. This whole presentation was again in English, and if a student didn't understand, the teacher asked another student to translate for them.

I absolutely loved spending the day at the elementary school. I am so happy to have shared a little bit of my culture with these children. I am also privileged to be featured in the Diepholzer Kreisblatt.

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