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Eiko Excels in the Honors Program

The first time she stepped on campus, she was a confused freshman. She walked into the Honors Program office with the anticipation of getting information. She would leave with more than just pamphlets; in the tiny office she received the support and encouragement to be as successful as she could.

Eiko , now 20, has blossomed from the timid newcomer and was selected to the All-USA Community College Academic First Team.

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More than 1,500 students we're nominated and only 20 we're awarded the $2,500 scholarship, along with a trophy and a trip to Philadelphia to accept the award.

In addition to her selection to the All-USA team, she is a finalist for the Woman of Distinction award at FC.

Tsukamoto holds a 4.0 GPA, and is an intern for the Honors Program where she has dedicated herself to improving the sense of community on campus.

"[People in the honors office were] so welcoming and caring, and I think students sometimes need that to know that they are on the right track," Tsukamoto said.

They helped her release the tension and insecurity she had when she first came to FC, creating a support system which Tsukamoto calls vital.

The value of education was easy for Tsukamoto to see at a young age. She attended school six days a week, regular public school in Whittier for five days and one day of her weekend in Japanese school.

Japanese is Tsukamoto's primary language. She is a first generation Japanese-American and holds her culture as an important factor in her education.

Although her time in Japanese school served as a culture shock, the demanding and rigorous work required, solidified the importance of education to her.

Her emphasis on schooling continued in high school where she founded a Japanese club, served as senior class treasurer and was a member of the honor society and key club.

Since high school graduation, Tsukamoto continues to take an active role at FC.

She currently serves as vice president of Phi Theta Kappa, an Associated Students senator and a volunteer to numerous non-profit organizations.

Tsukamoto hopes to continue her educational journey next fall at UC Berkeley.

"Berkeley has that intellectual environment that would be very nice, especially being surrounded by motivated students," Tsukamoto said.

She is an English major and aspires to be a college president.

"I want to be that role model or leader that students can come to for confidence or encouragement and be there to support their success," Tsukamoto said.

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