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Celebrate International Day of the Girl with 5 Incredible Organizations

Lead by the indomitable Tammy Tibbets, She's the First is an organization dedicated to sponsoring girls' education in the developing world, and empowering them to be the first in their families to graduate from secondary school. One of the coolest things about She's the First is that they are largely powered by young women on college campuses across the United States who lead fundraising campaigns, all while being educated about global poverty. Go Tammy & co!

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SPARK Movement

This initiative out of New York City was created as a response to the escalating sexualization of girls. But instead of assembling a bunch of adults behind closed doors to discuss solutions around healthy sexuality and sexualization, organizers decided that girls needed to be at the front of the charge. Through the SPARK Movement, girls received access to "the tools they needed to become activists, organizers, researchers, policy influencers, and media makers".

Girls Action Foundation

Every year, this Canadian organization reaches thousands of marginalized girls and young women with programming designed to empower girls to become leaders in their communities. Programs cover everything from violence prevention to health promotion to media literacy and leadership skills. Working with a wide variety of partner organizations, the Girls Action Foundation is making a real impact in the lives of girls across Canada.

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