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One of the most interesting things about the recent Harbert College...

One of the most interesting things about the recent Harbert College naming gift is how it will be used people and programs.

Many gifts of this magnitude are for bricks and mortar (i.e., buildings). Mr. Harbert's gift contains no earmarks for bricks and mortar. The simple truth is that we did not need a new building. Given the current state of the colleges existing programs, faculty and staff numbers and status, Lowder Hall (circa 1993) largely meets our facility needs.

A look at the potential location for a Harbert College of Business graduate school building, as well as a new configuration for the front of Lowder Hall.

The Harbert gift will change our current state. It will allow us to recruit new faculty, build new programs, and launch research centers, among many other things. All of these new initiatives move us toward the need for an additional facility.

Consequently, at the official Harbert College naming ceremony on October 5, we unveiled our plans for the Harbert Business Campus (HBC). The HBC will fully encompass the corner of Magnolia and Donahue. Lowder Hall will continue to serve as the anchor for the college, but a new courtyard in front of Lowder Hall, and a concourse entry, will highlight and showcase the HBC.

The most significant addition is a just-now-starting-to-be-planned Graduate Business Building. This building will house our growing graduate programs, research centers, outreach centers, and provide much needed small group/team meeting rooms and configurable classrooms. Our goal is to complete the courtyard and concourse in the next 12 to 18 months and start on the new building in the next three to five years.

Of course, all of our plans are dependent on raising the necessary financial resources. Because we have very dedicated alumni and an engaged business community, I am confident we will generate the funds for these projects.

As we continue to pursue our vision of being among the elite public business schools in the U.S. , we will need to update our existing facilities and build new ones to accommodate our growing and improving programs. Before June 21, 2013 the date the Harbert College naming gift was announced we did not entertain the thought of a new facility.

We did not need it.

Now, with a clear plan and the financial resources to implement it, the need for facilities becomes real.

Harbert College and the new Harbert Business Campus will both be things that our alumni, the university, and the entire Auburn community can be proud of.

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