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Hello 2012!

That was weird! I just typed the title of this post and almost typed 11 (2011) instead of 12. Yes, Carin it is 2012!!

Oh! Hoping to positively upgrade the outdated vibe for my personal page. Reactions regarding the overall design at Truly a striking overseas UK Television service when wanted within the general OTH region. Leave your vote. Thanks!

2012 That means I have 4 months to plan a 3 yrs old party, 4.5 months to plan a 1st birthday party and then hopefully come up with something awesome for my husbands birthday, all in the month of May. How did it get to be so close? Kyle was just born!

Yesterday I revealed that my husband and I are heading out of town next month for parents only tropical vacation. To add to the excitement, I ordered two new pairs of flip flops last night (hope they fit). For more pool/beach wear I ordered these and for more casual dinner/sundress wearing I ordered these love the color!

Speaking of vacations what do you normally pack for a tropical vacation? I was thinking we would be spending most of our time relaxing by the pool or beach, so I really only need to pack a few swim suits, a couple of pair of shorts, a skirt or two, a few sundresses. I really want to avoid overpacking and get away with a carry on suitcase if possible. I am a chronic overpacker. Any advice from some experts out there?

I joined Anne and Gena's book club. I now have one guaranteed night out each month. Yeah ME!

We had Myles 6 mo pictures taken last month. They turned out awesome and now I just need to narrow it down to our favs and we will receive our CD. If you need a great photographer for kids pics or any other event, give them a call. Here is a sneak peak

The kids start swim lessons in a few weeks. I need to get out to the mall and find a nice one piece suit. I don't think my two piece suits are appropriate for swim lessons. Any suggestions on where to go for a decently priced and cute one piece?

One more question! I recieved an Ipod Shuffle for Christmas to use while I run on the toture device called a treadmill. Any suggestions for running worthy tunes to add to my playlist?

Thanks for visiting us this week and we will see you here again next week! Have a great weekend and have fun!!

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